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Oil & Gas specific Service Offerings

Allizzy Cargo Services Nig. Ltd. offers a comprehensive set of services catering to end-to-end requirements of oil & gas companies. We have been working with oil & gas customers for more than 10 years and have built robust frameworks to deliver high value to them through our engagements in the industry.

Engagement Types:
-- Time & Material to Strategic Partnership.
-- Product Engineering & Research.
-- Business Strategy (e.g. Asset Planning).
-- Business Transformation.
-- SAP Implementation & Applications Management.
-- Infrastructure Management.
-- Consulting – Business & Technical.
-- Business Process Outsourcing.

Duration – 4 months - 4 years
-- Oil field services and drilling (OFS/D)
-- Exploration & Production, Transportation, Piping, Trading, Refining     and Retail: Finance, Procurement, HR, Sales, Purchasing,     Logistics, Maintenance, Projects.

Exploration & Production
The Exploration & Production segment is a mix of complex engineering technologies and applications combined with critical business applications like asset management and Revenue Accounting. HCL brings to its customers a strong mix of experience and capabilities to address some of these critical requirements in the E&P segment.

-- Asset Management & Field Force Automation.
-- Data Acquisition & Control Automation.
-- Field Applications - Petro-technical Computing Infrastructure.

Pipelines & Storage
The supply storage segment needs reliable application services that match the critical reliability requirements of this segment. We understand the importance of operational safety in this segment and have teams with experience in both the design as well control automation technologies that are relevant for this industry segment.

Considering the need to address a geographically spread network, we have developed solutions that can help your fleets to better serve the asset management needs while remaining connected to enterprise systems.

-- Network Design and Pipeline Management.
-- Asset and Fleet Management.
-- Management Reporting and Dashboards Automation and control     systems.

Energy Trading & Risk Management
The major challenges faced by energy markets, trading and risk management customers are a range of products used and available in the market combined with manual spread sheets still being used in many critical functions. HCL brings to its customers a strong service experience that ranges from custom developed trading platforms to some of the leading ETRM products in the market.

-- Front Office, Data Feed and Market Integration.
-- Risk Management.
-- Integration and SOA services - Infrastructure Management.

In the Downstream segment, the oil & gas segments face a challenge of managing multiple variables ranging from volatile crude prices to an elastic customer demand influenced by combination of competitive, economic and geographic factors. HCL has experience and capabilities to meet the wide range of requirements in both the Refining segment as well as the Distribution and Retail segment.

-- Refinery Supply Chain Management.
-- Demand Intelligence.
-- Plant Information Management.
-- Laboratory Information Management.
-- In-Store Application.










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